Not only will you be able to whip up a scroupmtious pie in minutes (yes that is possible!) or create the most wonderful cake of your dreams, but you will also start to shine from within, grow and perhaps lose a few pounds…

But that’s not what’s important. What got me hooked on raw desserts seven years ago, was that I found a space to create in a non-performing way I had longed for without even knowing it! You know what I mean? Just sheer fun!!

I’ve always wanted to honor you mamas out there, you ladies, beautiful sisters of mine all around the world with so much wisdom, power and sassy sexyness! I want to tell you that you are good enough and that you deserve the best life can offer.

In this eBook, you will find easy-to-follow recipes for both beginners as well as more xperienced. The book will equip you with pracitcal lists of nuts, super foods and tools to make your raw dessert making more organized. Also tips and tricks for how to work with your blender, flavor enhancment, how to handle cacao butter for raw chocolate making and how to make those pretty swirled pies (it’s easier than you think).

Absolutely. I’d say start with the simpler puddings, and then go for the cheesecake recipes until you find that kitchen confidence.

No, you don’t need a dehydrator to make the recipes in this book. In one recipe (the cake on the cover) I dehydrated the base of the cake, but that is not necessary for this recipe. It is just as good chilled in the fridge.

Relax, you’re not the only one. In fact we get emails every now and then from peopople who bought the book and lost it "somewhere on their computer". We have made sure you can easily access your eBook in your account on our website. You’ll just have to log in and it’s right there.

The book is only $24! It is in PDF format (Full Color and Print Friendly) and will instantly be delivered to your email after purchase.

I talked earlier about how raw desserts can make you start shining from within and grow + lose a few pounds..

…And you migh wonder how the HECK can that be possible! (I wouldn’t tell you so if I didn’t have experienced the whole…


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