Old skool remedies for getting pregnant: easy and fast!


Regular sex, sometimes, is not enough to give birth to a baby. Using a grandmother’s recipe to become pregnant becomes a necessity for some women who have cycles of a capricious nature. It’s important to know that a one hundred percent reliable method is unfortunately nonexistent, but there are some natural tips and tricks that can boost fertility and increase the chances of having a baby.

Here are the best methods we suggest you try if you want to become a mom in the near future!

Recipe of grandmothers to get pregnant: take evening primrose oil capsules

Evening primrose oil has been used by our grandmothers not only to have lighter skin and extremely smooth hair, but it has also been used to help women get pregnant as quickly as possible. This oil helps to improve the functioning of the cervical mucus to promote the fusion of gametes. It is also able to regulate the secretion rates of sex hormones and shorten ovarian cycles to maximize the chances of spermatozoa meeting the female gamete (oocyte).

Evening primrose oil is in the form of capsules or capsules. Regarding the dosage, it is advisable to take a capsule of 500mg a day for two weeks from the first day of menstruation.

Recipe grandmothers to get pregnant: take the right position

Do not limit yourself to traditional positions if they do not help you to conceive. Indeed, there are sexual positions that help to increase the chances of a child’s conception because they help the sperm get back to the egg as quickly as possible. These are the positions in which ejaculation is closest to the cervix. In general, these are the positions where the man is above the woman and not the opposite. You are given the example of the position of the missionary in which the woman is lying on her back and the man is above her to ensure the deepest possible penetration. The position of penetration from the back where the woman is on all fours or knees is also recommended to promote the movement of sperm and their persistence in the vagina.

After having sex, instead of taking a shower directly, you can lie on your back or have your legs in the air for 10 minutes to promote the survival of the male gametes in the cervix of your uterus to maximize the chances of fertilization.

Do not make love everyday!

It’s not because you make love every day that you will be more likely to conceive a child! You just have to have a lot of intercourse during the day of ovulation and the days that preceded it to optimize your chances of getting pregnant, otherwise you will risk getting a sperm of poor quality because the latter must have enough time to get pregnant. regenerate. But during the period of ovulation, it is even tolerated to make two sexual intercourse a day.

Fill up on vitamins and minerals!

It is accepted that diet can be an effective natural remedy for many health problems including infertility. Doctors advise to consume plenty of vitamins and minerals to have a pregnancy. Examples include vitamins B9, C, D, and E, in addition to calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium, and phosphorus because these nutrients help boost fertility in men and women and improve sperm performance. . So consume enough vegetables and fresh fruits, fish and dairy products, but minimize your intake of sugar and fat.

Natural plants: the best recipe for grandmothers to get pregnant

Our grandmothers have previously used plants to conceive quickly, but this method has largely evolved nowadays after medicine has proven its high efficiency. We can give you examples of the following plants that can be used in herbal tea to get pregnant quickly :

  • nettle
  • Evening primrose
  • Raspberry leaves
  • Purple clover
  • Ginseng
  • The roots of alétris
  • The seed Nigel
  • The leaves of alchemilla

In addition to natural plants, our grandmothers have also used some natural products such as honey and royal jelly to get pregnant. The beehive’s products have tremendous benefits for fertility due to their high nutrient content and outstanding composition. Royal jelly is also recommended for women who suffer consecutive miscarriages. To treat infertility, male and female, it is advisable to take each morning on an empty stomach a teaspoon of royal jelly mixed with the seeds of nigella.

Recipe of grandmothers to get pregnant do not use lubricants!

The only lubricant that our grandmothers used to facilitate sexual penetration was the oils. The lubricants that are nowadays very used, did not exist at the time. It should be known that the majority of lubricants contain spermicidal substances that is to say, able to kill the spermatozoids or limit their mobility. So it’s best to avoid using these products or use special lubricants if you really need them. Conceive plus is one of the lubricants that have been specially designed to facilitate penetration without altering sperm quality. You can find it in pharmacies or order it directly on the internet.

Stay away from alcohol and tobacco

Many people think that there is a quantity of alcohol tolerated during a diet to become pregnant but it should be known that the consumption of alcohol must be avoided in a strict way. Because of their wealth of harmful products, alcohol and tobacco promote the production of toxins in the body in addition to the release of free radicals. This can have a bad impact on sperm and oocytes because they are very vulnerable to toxins. This can in turn result in delayed conception. Scientific research has also shown that women who smoke and consume alcohol regularly have higher infertility factors than normal women.

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