Make easy money from promoting CPA offers CPA or Cost per Acquisition has become a well known phenomenon in the Internet Marketing industry. Why this has come to be is because CPA offers are one of the easiest and the quickest way to make money. Though schemes that are based on the philosophy of ‘getting rich quickly’ are more often than not considered to be scams, promoting CPA offers is quite far from that sort of thing. One can actually make good money in the CPA market and all that they require is a bit of patience, common sense and a good marketing tactic.

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CPA Bidding through Facebook

In the year 2013, Facebook announced that it would start allowing Advertisers to CPA bid.  CPA is today available through its Ads API.  It should measure conversions within the first day. All categories on Facebook have not made CPA available, but of the few where it is currently live on include, Facebook offer claims, Facebook page Likes and Facebook Link Opens or Clicks.

Advertisers would be aided in attributing the exact costs to everything that they would do, as said by Facebook. It would help the advertisers not to have to bid on a CPC level but instead on something more which they can then easily attribute to the cost of their pages and products.

It has been claimed that CPA bidding would be made available for ads belonging to all categories in the near future so that it can be attributed to everything.

An Example of Facebook CPA Bidding

For instance, if a company or a website wants more of fans on their Facebook page, they simply have to feed in all of the information and say that it is willing to pay $x.00 to each person who likes their respective Facebook page. It could say that it would be willing to pay a dollar per fan, so consequently Facebook would optimize the respective ads to do this.

If one is a consumer in the retail space, then they can say that they will pay ten dollars per conversion. This would make Facebook CPA optimize one’s ads to do so.

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