LinkedIn is the largest Social Networking site for Business Professionals looking to do more business. With over 200 million members from 200 countries, LinkedIn is the ANSWER to your professional and online marketing  needs!

Link into Business Ebook (Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Business)This is a short 21+ page, special insiders report that will reveal some awesome strategies on how to leverage LinkedIn for Business, so you know how to use it to Sky Rocket your sales.

Link into Business MindmapThis mindmap has been crafted to help you to get a good overview of the course to enable you to take more effective action with it.

Link into Business checklist This cheat sheet is a convenient checklist that you can print out to check off every task that you need to perform to be successful with this course. It gives you all the main steps you need to perform in one easy to follow document.

“Lorcan is a dedicated professional marketer who has a unique gift: vision. He is able to look into the future and see forests grow out of what most people see as seeds now. He is a perfectionist in the best way, and very determined to make all of his projects succeed. If I’m a little green with envy, it is only because he has more Irish in him than I do”

He came in and without any guidance at all really, he took on the job and has done a superior job of managing and handling it for me.

If you are in need of someone to help you with your Internet marketing or Social Media marketing, I highly recommend him. If you’re thinking about hiring him do it.

“I have recently engaged with Lorcan on a variety of matters and have found Lorcan to be passionate, astute, and very knowledgeable from a business perspective. Lorcan is also very personable and keen to provide both guidance and practical assistance. I recommend Lorcan to anyone considering availing of his business services.”

Philip Galligan C.G.M.A., Independent Professional Business Advisor providing practical actions and expertise for better business performance

“Being a Social media novice, l enjoyed working with Lorcan as the simplicity of his explanations combined with his attention to detail made the process both interesting and exciting. His approach to helping me build my company website and brand was a clearly defined…


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