Have a baby after 40 years

After having a wild career, you are thinking about your first pregnancy, or just dreaming of a new kid … It is (almost) never too late to make babies!

Being a mom at age 40, what does it change?

A little luck, a lot of patience

First difficulty: being pregnant.At 40, it usually takes longer to get pregnant, at least one year.From this age, a woman has a 10% chance of being fertilized, which is three times less than at 25 years old.But it is only about average.Moreover, how many women aged 40 or 42 were pregnant less than six months after having stopped their contraception?

Second difficulty: pass the fate of the first quarter.At this age, early miscarriages (interruptions in the development of the egg even before the date of menses) are more frequent.Thus after 40 years, 30% of pregnancies do not exceed the stage of the second month.In cause, aging oocytes that are stored in the ovaries since the fourth month of life of the embryo!And five or ten years more, that counts, in oocytes too.

The years go by, so what?

Being pregnant in old age has become a commonplace phenomenon. The number of deliveries after 40 years has more than tripled in the last twenty years! In 15% of cases, this is a very first, but most of the time, it is the family that is growing. “In France, more and more couples decide to do the third or the fourth, not counting homes that recompose! “Says Professor Michel Tournaire, head of the Maternity Department at the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Hospital, author of Le Bonheur d’être mère – Pregnancy after 35 years. And then, simply, the ages are shifting! That of the first child reaches almost 30 years in the woman , therefore, the last will point the tip of his nose a little later also than a few years ago.  

Late pregnancy is trendy!

Madonna gave birth to Lourdes at 39 and her son Rocco at 41. Isabelle Adjani had her last boy, Gabriel-Kane, at 40 years old. Lio gave birth to his twins Garance and Léa at 37, and had his little Diego at 41 years old. When you lead a life of star … babies arrive later! If they are common today, these late pregnancies are not to be taken lightly! They require special attention and women who consider it must ask themselves the right questions before starting their little one : “How will my entourage react? »,« Will I hold on physically? »,« Am I able to assume such a difference in age between my child and me? “…

Accepting your late pregnancy

Elders . They may hide their enthusiasm when they learn that you are pregnant. What will the friends think? And then, a little bit at home, it makes noise! Do not be worried, once the little brother or the little sister born, they will love to nurse …
To his entourage . “She’s unaware of the risks she’s taking! “It’s probably an accident …” … The concern of some, the judgment of others … not easy for the mother to face some reactions. Focus first and foremost on your well-being and that of the baby!

“My parents were worried.Have a child at my age!My brother thought it was a stupid stupidity … this attitude added to other problems caused a break in our relationship.Sylvie, age 45

“All our friends and family already have children, some of whom are grown up now. Our little angel was greeted with immense joy by everyone because we had been waiting for so long … “Lise, 38

Make a baby later, what are the benefits?

You are better settled . First in your relationship, but also in your work and therefore at home! “These future mothers generally have a better socio-economic place. It’s easier for them to welcome a little bit, “says Pr. Tournaire.
You are wiser . “They manage their pregnancy well. They take more precautions than young mothers … probably because they are aware of the seriousness of the thing and they have a little more knowledge! ”
You take your fatigue with humor! “When I see them arrive in my office, they are flat! They hurt when they get up, when they go to bed, but they put on those pains a big smile. They are more motivated, maybe … ”
Another privilege of age: after 35 years, expectant mothers have less stretch marks !


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